Enrolment in the academic year 2021/2022 will take place online according to the instructions and schedule posted below.


1. Safety and Health Protection at Workplace (SHPW) 

  • Study and familiarize yourselves with the documents regarding Safety and Health Protection at Workplace (SHPW).
  • Successfully complete and submit the online SHPW test (click HERE to access the test). You MUST complete this test before the day of enrolment. The test can be repeated without limitations.

2. Electronic online enrolment

  • By completing and submitting your choices in the electronic enrolment system, you irrevocably confirm your interest in study at the Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • If needed, you will be able to further modify your study plan for two weeks after the automatic enrolment is complete
Year 15.00 pm September 10th, 202123:59 September 14th, 2021
Year 25.00 pm September 10th, 202123:59 September 17th, 2021
Year 35.00 pm September 10th, 202123:59 September 17th, 2021
Year 45.00 pm September 10th, 202123:59 September 16th, 2021
Year 55.00 pm September 10th, 202123:59 September 16th, 2021

3. Automatic enrolment into the study

  • Your enrolment into the study will be handled by the Study department and does not require your action. Study department will control your study plan and your documents, and will enrol you into the next academic year. This process will follow the published schedule and can take up to two days. You will be informed per email when it is complete.
Year 1September 14th, 2021
Year 2September 17th, 2021
Year 3September 17th, 2021
Year 4September 16th, 2021
Year 5September 16th, 2021

4. Payment of the Tuition Fee

  • Student must pay the tuition fee by bank transfer to the Faculty account, typically in two equal parts at two dates: in winter semester at latest on the day before the enrolment date; on summer semester at latest until February 15th 2022
  • The bank transfer order is generated in the AIS2 system during the electronic enrolment process

5. Delivery of physical documents:

  • After the electronic online enrolment was completed, you need to send or deliver following documents to the Study department of Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava, until September 30th, 2021

    Documents printed from the AIS2 after you finish your electronic online enrolment (step 2):
    • Protocol of your study plan (signed)
    Further required documents:
    • Photocopy of birth certificate verified by notary (1st year students)
    • Tuition fee payment confirmation
    • Proof of recognition of documents on education and on recognition of professional qualifications – apostilled copy of the final secondary school diploma (1st year students)
    • Apostilled copy of the final secondary school diploma (1st year students)

In case of complications, please visit the Study department during the office hours, or contact us at faf.studyuniba.sk.


Year of studyNameTelephone numberPHARMACY
1doc. Mgr. Andrea BILKOVÁ, PhD.(02) 501 17 316September 14th, 2021Mgr. Monika PETRÍKOVÁ/144
2Mgr. Lucia LINTNEROVÁ, PhD.(02) 501 17 327September 17th, 2021Mgr. Monika PETRÍKOVÁ/144
3Mgr. Natalia Lucia MIKLÁŠOVÁ, PhD.(02) 501 17 327September 17th, 2021Mgr. Monika PETRÍKOVÁ/144
4Mgr. Jaroslav TÓTH, PhD.(02) 501 17 209September 16th, 2021Mgr. Monika PETRÍKOVÁ/144
5doc. PharmDr. Jindra VALENTOVÁ, PhD.(02) 501 17 330September 16th, 2021Mgr. Monika PETRÍKOVÁ/144