Electronic registration will take place from 31. July 2022 20:00 till 31. August 2022 23:59.

Before enrollment into the study the students must:

  1. Study and familiarize yourselves with the documents regarding Safety and Health Protection at Workplace.
  2. Till 31. August 2022, all students must complete the ELECTRONIC ENROLLMENT/REGISTRATION through the application „Electronic registration“ in the AIS2 system. By completing and submitting your choices in the electronic enrolment system, you irrevocably confirm your interest in study at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

TO COMPLETE THE ELECTRONIC ENROLLMENT, follow these instructions and step-by-step manual: 

Main enrollment for studies will take place in the academic year 2022/2023 according to the study schedule. The enrollment for the first-year students will be in person at the premises of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Bratislava. Students of higher years will be enrolled automatically via Electronic Enrollment, and will be invited for in-person enrollment individually by the study department of the faculty only in the case of incomplete electronic enrollment.

After properly completing and confirming the electronic registration, all students will be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED for the next year of study on the day of registration. More detailed information on the control and administrative processing of registration for AR 2022/2023 will be sent to students' university e-mail boxes no later than the day after registration is completed. In case of urgent questions, it is possible to contact the study department directly: studijnefpharm.uniba.sk.

It is possible (not necessary) to come to the faculty for the validation of ISICs, confirmations, etc. - but always during the official hours of the Study department listed here. In addition to this schedule, the validation of cards can also be carried out during the teaching part of the semester.

We always send the most important information about the study (semester schedule, state exams, final theses, etc.) by email and publish them in the news on the main website of the faculty. Based on university regulations, we only communicate with students via university email accounts, so it is important to check your email inbox regularly. Some information is also available on the faculty's Facebook page, but this is not the main communication channel and it is primarily used to convey faculty events and not for study information.

Schedule of additional enrolment for studies

Study Councellors - Pedagogical Comission MembersEnrollment Day
1st year of studyMgr. Jaroslav Tóth, PhD.(02) 501 17 209online/individual
2nd year of studyPharmDr. Zuzaka Kiliánová, PhD.(02) 501 17 387online/individual
3rd year od studydoc. Mgr. Andrea Bilková, PhD.(02) 501 17 316online/individual
4th year of studyMgr. Lucia Lintnerová, PhD.(02) 501 17 326online/individual
5th year of studyMgr. Natália Lucia Miklášová, PhD.(02) 501 17 326online/individual