Class Schedule


Students register for the schedule through AIS2.

For detailed instructions, please see link:

If a course contains lecture and exercise/seminar, the student must choose 2 appropriate schedule windows, if the system offers it.

For your schedule overview, you can see "Timetables" in the left menu of AIS2.




Registration for the schedule will take place at the following dates and times:

1. - 5. (6., 7.) Year of study: from 5th of February 2022 from 0:00 hours to 6th of February 2022 to 23:59 hours



In the event that a student finds out that he / she has a schedule collision, he / she must change the registration for such a lesson, where he / she will not have a collision, during the period 5th-6th of February 2022.

The simultaneous participation in two overlapping schedule actions MUST NOT occur in the schedule.

In this period 5th-6th of February 2022 (during the schedule registration), the student can sing in or sign out of any courses in the AIS himself (cancel or change his/her registered courses).

After this period, during 7th – 28th of February 2022, schedule conflicts will be resolved via email only.

The unresolved collisions can be reported only by you to administrator Mr. Jamroškovič to this email: Be sure to include in the subject of email: "Collision - First Name, Last Name, Year of Study" and describe details of this collision in the email.

In case of modifications to the study plan (cancellation or change of enrolled subjects) made through a the AIS2 system, the student must deliver (by e-mail, in person) to the Study department the form - Protocol of Change in Study Plan in Academic Year 2021/2022 (generated in AIS), signed at the latest untill 28 February 2022.

In case of technical problems, contact CePIT technical support: 02/59 244 944 on working days from 8:00 hours to 20:00 hours and on weekends and holidays from 9:00 hours to 12:00 hours.