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Class Schedule

Students register for schedule via AIS2 https://ais2.uniba.sk/ais/portal/changeLocale.do?locale=EN .

After sign into AIS2 in the left menu Evidence of study click on


Study, enrollment lists, thesis, state exams...

In newly opened window click on and select Classifying Into /Signing Out of the Schedule.

With arrow on the right confirm "zimný semester (means winter semester)" and all lectures will appear.

In rows are listed subjects displayed moretimes eg. like lecture or training. Column range shows how much times a eg. lecture takes place in a week.

2L means 2 hours of lectures in a week; 1LP means 1 hour of laboratory practice in week and 3S means 3 hours of seminars in week. If there stands a zero "0" you dont have to register.

For signing in the subject to schedule you have to choose the subject and then click on the pencil to tick the checkbox of preffered time and date.

After signing all of the subjects check them by clicking on the eye icon if there are no collisions. If so, you have to choose another vacant seminar or lecture.

A schedule for whole week is in the left menu under Schedule you click on "Schedule for...". Than you choose the tab named study programme where you choose your year of study eg. 1FA/A = 1st year of study etc. and click the eye icon to show it.



Registration for Schedule for winter 2020/2021

All english programme students from September 19 until September 20, 11:59 pm.

If a student discovers a schedule collision, he/she can solve it on his/her own in the time limit set for the schedule creation. He/she can register for another day and hour.

After September 20 it will be possible to deal with the schedule collisions only via email.

Technical support (CePIT): 02/59 244 944, work days: 8 am - 8 pm, weekends: 9 am - 12 noon