14. 03. 2021 07.09 hod.
By: doc. PharmDr. Miloš Lukáč, PhD.

Information on the possibility of granting national visas to foreign students who want to apply for a temporary residence permit for the purpose of study.

Foreign students who entered the territory of the Slovak Republic on the basis of a granted national visa are entitled to stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic even after the expiry of the national visa pursuant to Article 131i paragraph 2 of Act no. 404/2011 Coll. on Residence of Foreigners and Amendment and Supplementation of Certain Acts as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Act on Residence of Foreigners”) until one month after the revocation of the crisis situation.

Foreign students subject to a visa requirement may apply for a residence permit at the Foreign Police Department of the Police Force only if they hold a valid national visa.

In order to assist foreign students who came to the territory of the Slovak Republic on the basis of national visas issued by the embassy of the Slovak Republic abroad, which have currently expired and as a result of pandemic measures adopted by the government in connection with COVID-19 it was not possible for these students to apply for a temporary residence for the purpose of study, I would like to inform you that that the issuance of visas in the interest of the Slovak Republic pursuant to the provisions of Article 15 par. 1(d) of the Act on Residence of Foreigners may be granted at the Bureau of Border and Foreign Police of the Presidium of the Police Force, Ružinovská 1/B, Bratislava, upon request and confirmation of the date by email at:

The application for a national visa shall be submitted with documents pursuant to Article 17 par. 2 of the Act on Residence of Foreigners, namely a valid travel document, a colour photograph 3 x 3.5cm reflecting the current appearance, and a proof of health insurance.