Responsibility for vaccination

Letter from the dean to students about vaccination.

24. 06. 2021 11.11 hod.

Dear pharmacy students!


In these hot June days with satisfying low numbers of COVID-19 positive cases, you are currently planning where, how, and with whom you will spend your summer. Whether you will rest or have to work too. You deserve time to relax. Distance study has left social and, to some extent, mental harm in all of us. These days, at the Faculty, we think about our chances of meeting in the winter semester. And not just for a little while in September. But until Christmas, as we remember, when everything was fine as usual. At the Faculty, we will do everything we can, but that will certainly not be enough. So the question is whether you will do something small for that as well. And not only the majority of you… But each of you.

You all are pharmacy students, and you are studying one of the most difficult study programmes. Therefore, you know very well how it is with drugs. There are so many details that need to be thought of before drugs are invented, tested from every perspective, and then finally given to a person. You know very well how much human effort, determination, intelligence, commitment there is in every single drug. And yes, money as well. Because you study that. Because we teach you that. And then you notice and hear a particular debate in society about vaccines and vaccinations, and sometimes you are amazed. Why is vaccination - the privilege of today's society – doubted?

I would like to encourage you to discuss this matter in your surroundings and stimulate the undecided or those with concerns. We educate you to become unique medicine experts. The only ones in society who really know everything about drugs. In discussions, you are not supposed to express only a simple opinion. Leave that to the amateurs. Your task is to share knowledge that grows with the number of read textbooks and scientific articles, passed tests, obtained credits, or completed labs (nowadays virtually). So based on your knowledge, the trust in what you study grows in people around you – and that is in drugs. Remember that freedom to vaccinate applies to amateurs. Responsibility for vaccination applies to experts.

However, my current appeal to you is much more practical. Get all vaccinated. At least 99% of you, because some are really unable to. So that we can keep meeting at our Faculty in autumn. So that you can live in a dormitory. So that you can go for a coffee in the Old Town. Or on a date to the cinema. So that your only concern would be whether you pass a test from Pharmaceutical Technology tomorrow. And not whether you will have a negative PCR test result.


prof. PharmDr. Ján Klimas, PhD., MPH.

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

22.6.2021, Bratislava