Science and Research

The Faculty of Pharmacy maintains a priority position in academic research in Slovakia in the fields of pharmacy and biomedical research. In the field of research and development, the faculty has set the following priorities:

  • The faculty organizes and co-organizes several forums for the presentation of research findings with national and international importance (Drug Synthesis and Analysis, Technology Days, Clinical Pharmacy),
  • The faculty continues to support innovations in the field of departmental laboratory equipment by an annual dotation to departments and excellent research teams,
  • The faculty actively supports and motivates young researchers to achieve improvement of the quality and efficiency in their research activities, it provides a research grant of the Scientific Board to young researchers and student research grants to doctoral students,
  • The faculty publishes the scientific journal European Pharmaceutical Journal, eISSN 2453-6725 (Eur. Pharm. J.) indexed in the SCOPUS database, which is the successor of the faculty collection Acta Facultatis Pharmaceuticae Universitatis Comenianae (Acta Fac. Pharm. Univ. Comen.) established in 1958,
  • The faculty supports integration of scientific research capacities and research cooperation among the departments,
  • The faculty encourages the staff to use the possibilities of co-financing the infrastructure of the faculty from EU structural funds,
  • The faculty supports and rewards participation of staff and doctoral students in the preparation and submission of projects to national and EU research funding schemes.