About the Faculty

The Faculty of Pharmacy CU (FPHARM CU) is the only pharmacy faculty in Slovakia. It was established in 1952 as the sixth independent faculty of the Comenius University. In 1960-1969, it was even the only national faculty in the Czechoslovakia.

Over 1,000 students from Slovakia and other countries currently study at FPHARM CU in various programs. There are nine professors and 30 associate professors working, who are active in 11 departments.

Graduates of the faculty hold important management positions in various institutions nationally and internationally (State Institute for Drug Control, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Ministries of Health, European Medicines Agency, European Commission, etc.), in most pharmaceutical companies, at universities in the USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and others.

The faculty operates two of its pharmacies, the University Pharmacy, and the Faculty Pharmacy, which are used for practical education and at the same time as public health facilities.

FPHARM CU has its own Medicinal Plant Garden, where medicinal plants are grown and preserved for research and education on an area of 1.5 hectares, while the gene pool of the garden includes approximately 850 plant species.

The faculty also has an active Slovak Pharmaceutical Students´Association (SPSA), which has a vast field of activity. Every semester, it prepares countless events and activities for future pharmacists, e.g., in March, Pharmaceutical Education and Career Week (it also includes the so-called Pharmacists' Career Days), First Year Pharmacists' Gala, FPHARM CU Teambuildings in Lodenice CU, PharmaParty, Pharmacists' Tablet and many others. In cooperation with the faculty, the projects Advanced Training in Pharmacy Care, Clinical Skills Event, etc., are ongoing. SPSA also publishes the award-winning journal Farmakoviny.


  • Tradition
    The faculty is proud of its history and its more than 11,000 graduates.
  • Prestige
    The Faculty of Pharmacy CU has a long-standing position as a leader in pharmaceutical education in our region.
  • Uniqueness
    A faculty graduate is an original expert who is the only one in the company who knows everything about medicines.
  • Application
    Pharmacy is one of the industries with the highest incomes, and FPHARM CU graduates are not at risk of graduate unemployment.