Master's study program Pharmacy in English

Dates of the admission procedure:

  1. Deadline for submitting a study application: July 31, 2024
  2. Deadline for inserting mandatory attachments to the application: July 31, 2024
  3. Deadline for payment of the admission fee: July 31, 2024
  4. Admission fee: €50
  5. Entrance exam dates: 23. February, 22. March, 26. April, 24. May, 28. June, 26. July and 9. August 2024 (8:00 am)
  6. Date of the meeting of the dean's admission committee: January 2024 - August 2024
  7. Deadline for publishing information to applicants about the result of the admission procedure: on an ongoing basis
  8. Enrollment: September 3, 2024

Information on the number of applicants that the faculty plans to accept to study the relevant study program:

Pharmacy in English: 80

Conditions for accepting applicants:

  1. The basic condition for the admission of an applicant to a university, which results from the provisions of § 56 par. 1 of the Act on Universities, is the acquisition of a complete secondary or complete secondary professional education (submission of a high school graduation certificate). An applicant who does not demonstrate fulfillment of the basic conditions for admission to study at the time of verification of fulfillment of the conditions for admission may be admitted to study conditionally, with the obligation to demonstrate fulfillment of the basic conditions for admission to study at the latest on the day designated for enrollment. The right of an applicant who has been conditionally admitted to study expires if he does not prove that he has fulfilled the basic conditions for admission no later than on the day designated for enrollment.
  2. Pursuant to the provisions of § 32 of Act no. 578/2004 Coll. on health care providers, health workers, state organizations in the health sector and on the amendment and addition of certain laws as amended, the faculty requires that part of the materials attached to the study application include a medical certification on the medical fitness to perform the medical profession of pharmacist.

Additional conditions for admission to study:

Applicants will be admitted to the Pharmacy master's study program conducted in English according to the following rules:

  1. the condition for admission to study is sufficient proficiency of the English language and the passing of two online tests: a test in Chemistry and a test in Biology;
  2. after passing the tests, the applicant will participate in an online interview with at least 3 members of the admissions committee, including an English language teacher; as part of the interview, the committee will discuss the test results with the applicant and assess the applicant's general study prerequisites and knowledge of the English language.
  3. applicants will be accepted based on the committee's recommendation in the order of the date of delivery of the complete study application until the planned capacity of the study program is filled.

More details:

Certified teachers have developed a "Question set for entrance exams in biology and chemistry " that will help applicants in preparing for the admission procedure. This material is available to all applicants in the Faculty Library in Bratislava and is sent by post upon request. The price of one set of books is €40 + €5.50 postage. When ordering at least 10 sets, the shipping fee is €0. Orders can be made by email via the study department of the faculty at . Payment instructions for paying for the order:

    IBAN: SK61 8180 0000 0070 0013 4836
    SWIFT SEPA COUNTRIES (single European payment area): SPSRSKBA
    SWIFT NON-SEPA COUNTRIES (rest of the world): SUBASKBX
    Recipient's bank:
    Státna pokladnica Radlinského 32 810 05 BratislavaSlovakia
    Faculty of Pharmacy Comenius University
    Odbojárov 10 832 32 Bratislava Slovakia

General information:

The annual tuition fee in the academic year 2023/2024 is €7,500.

Admission tests and interview will take place online in MS Teams on dates indicated above (section Dates of the admission procedure), starting at 8:00 am. All candidates with complete application will be sent an individual invitation to the admission examination at least 4 days before the testing, with detailed information and instructions. Eligible candidates who cannot take part in the admission tests on a particular date will be automatically invited to the subsequent rounds of admission examination. Online admission procedure requires access to MS Teams, camera and microphone. Invited candidates will be given an opportunity to test their internet connection and technical accessories before the admission examination.

Information for applicants who completed their previous studies abroad:

  1. The condition for the admission of foreigners (including compatriots) to study is proof of the necessary competence in the same way as in the case of citizens of the Slovak Republic, which follows from the provisions of § 56 par. 1 of the Act on Universities, which means obtaining a complete secondary or complete secondary professional education, which is certified according to Act no. 293/2007 Coll. on the recognition of professional qualifications and in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic no. 207/1993 Coll., which establishes details on the equivalence of education documents and pursuant to Act no. 422/2015 Coll. on the recognition of educational documents and on the recognition of professional qualifications and on the amendment and supplementation of some laws.

Application for study:

  1. E-application
  2. Instructions for study applicants
  3. Application attachments:
    Mandatory application attachments for all applicants (in Slovak, English or Czech):
  4. Contact persons at the faculty
    Study administrator - Zuzana Benkova