The goal of the rigorous procedure is to increase the qualification and professional level of the pharmaceutical graduate. After successful completion of the rigorous procedure, its participants receive the title "Doctor of Pharmacy" (abbreviation "PharmDr.").

Basic information about rigorous procedure

The rigorous procedure begins with the delivery of a written application for the rigorous examination with all the necessary details to the dean of the faculty. The dean assesses the received application and decides on acceptance or suspension of rigorous procedure within 30 days.

A graduate of a study program in the study field of pharmacy who has obtained a magister degree can apply for the rigorous examination, which includes the defense of a rigorous thesis in the field of study pharmacy. Under the same conditions, a graduate of a foreign higher education institution can also apply for the rigorous examination, provided that his educational certificate in the field of pharmacy, issued by a foreign university, is equivalent to an educational certificate issued by a higher education institution in the Slovak Republic, and is evidenced by a decision on recognition proof of education for academic purposes.

The deadline for applicants to submit a rigorous thesis is no earlier than 6 months and no later than 24 months from the date of delivery of the written application to the faculty.

Contact persons in individual departments

DepartmentDpt. numberResponsible employeePhone Nr.E-mail
Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Nuclear Pharmacy110RNDr. Svetlana Dokupilová, PhD.+421 2 9016 9249dokupilovafpharm.uniba.sk
Department of Chemical Theory of Drugs120Mgr. Lucia Lintnerová, PhD. +421 2 9016 2327lintnerovafpharm.uniba.sk
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology of Drugs130PharmDr. Andrea Balažová, PhD.+421 2 9016 9315balazovafpharm.uniba.sk
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry140doc. PharmDr. Miroslava Sýkorová, PhD.+421 2 9016 9225sykorovafpharm.uniba.sk
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology 150Dagmar Křečková+421 2 9016 9378kreckovafpharm.uniba.sk
Department of Organization and Management of Pharmacy160Eva Kuchtová+421 2 9016 9348kuchtovafpharm.uniba.sk
Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany170prof. Milan Nagy, CSc.+421 2 9016 9204nagyfpharm.uniba.sk
Department of Physical Chemistry of Drugs180Ing. Jarmila Oremusová, CSc.+421 2 9016 9282oremusovafpharm.uniba.sk
Department of Galenic Pharmacy190Mária Horváthová+421 2 9016 9266horvathova143uniba.sk

Fee fom rigorous procedure

The fee for rigorous procedure is set at €500 for all participants. The fee for a repeated rigorous exam is €100 .

Fee fom rigorous procedure
AdressFaculty of Pharmacy UK
Odbojárov 10
832 32 Bratislava
account number
70 0013 4836/8180
IBANSK61 8180 0000 0070 0013 4836
Variable symbol648004
Message to recipientname of participant in rigorous procedure

We ask you to pay the fee within 15 days after receiving the decision on the fee generated from the AIS2 system.

An applicant who is an employee of the Comenius University Bratislava or its part, or a doctoral student in full-time doctoral studies studying in the standard length of study, can have the payment of the fee for actions connected with rigorous procedures reduced or waived only in accordance with internal regulations and on the basis of a written request. The deadline for submitting a request for a reduction or waiver of the fee for a rigorous examination is 15 days from the date of receipt of the confirmation of receipt of the application for the rigorous examination.

Application for rigorous procedure

Submission of an application for a rigorous procedure is not limited by the dates of the study schedule at the faculty.

We recommend those interested in the rigorous procedure to contact the department before submitting the application and find out the capacity options for admission to the rigorous procedure.

Send the application for rigorous procedure to the address of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Do not forget to include the name of the rigorous work consultant in the application.


Graduation ceremony

Rigorous procedure graduation ceremonies are held twice a year, usually in spring and autumn. Applicants are automatically enrolled for the next possible graduation ceremony according to the end date of the rigorous procedure. The graduation ceremony takes place in the Auditorium of the UK and invitations to the graduation are sent directly by the Department of Study Affairs of the Rectorate of the UK about 1 month before the graduation ceremony.

Interruption of rigorous procedure

The rigorous procedure can be interrupted on the basis of a justified written request of the applicant, even repeatedly, but the total duration of study interruption may not cumulatively exceed 12 months . The approval or non-approval for the interruption of the rigorous procedure is decided by the dean and there is no legal right to it. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

The application for interruption of the rigorous procedure must be submitted within the deadline for completing the rigorous procedure. A late application will not be granted and the student's rigorous procedure will be canceled without the right to refund the fee.

The request for interruption of the rigorous procedure does not have a prescribed format. The applicant shall state his/her name, surname, contact information, the department at which he/she is admitted for the rigorous procedure, the reason for the interruption (with documentation of the necessary confirmations, e.g. about health status, etc.) and the exact definition of the interruption period, i.e. its beginning and end.

Rigorous procedure in another language

The rigorous thesis is written in the Slovak language.

The dean may allow the candidate, based on a written request and with the approval of the chairman of the committee, to submit a rigorous thesis in a language other than the official language. In this case, it includes an abstract and a resume in the national language. The scope of the resume is usually 10% of the scope of the rigorous work.

At the request of the applicant, the dean may also agree to the defense of the rigorous thesis and the rigorous examination being held in a language other than Slovak.