Postgraduate study (PhD.)

Postgraduate (PhD.) studies

The PhD study is the highest level of higher education. The Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava (hereinafter "Faculty") provides PhD studies in study programs accredited in authorized fields of study. The PhD study is carried out in full-time or part-time. Students attending full-time PhD studies receive scholarship (EU citizens only). The PhD study is carried out in accordance with the Slovak legal Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on universities and amending certain acts as amended, and Study Regulations of the University.

The basic requirement for admission to PhD studies is a previous completion of a Master degree study programme, i.e., of university education in 2nd level (including technical universities and schools of medicine) according to individual study programs.

The dean shall publish Dissertation topics for the next academic year at least two months before the deadline for applications for PhD studies. Candidates can apply for admission procedure choosing one of these topics. Applicants will be accepted for PhD studies by undergoing an admission process. Each topic is reserved for just one accepted candidate. The admitted applicants become PhD student on the date of enrolment, which is to be set by the dean.

The PhD study in the given field is monitored and evaluated by the (ECTS) credit system as an individual study plan obtained from the supervisor and approved by the board of specialists. The individual study programme of a particular PhD student consists of a study part, ending with the dissertation examination, of a scientific part, and of the final defence of the dissertation thesis. The PhD student's individual learning plan lists courses, that the PhD student shall attend, subjects of the dissertation examination selected from a list approved by the board of specialists, and a list of obligatory and recommended study literature for the individual preparation for the dissertation examination. The individual study programme also includes time limits to finish particular courses and to pass the dissertation examination.

According to Slovak law (§ 54 section 11 of Act No. 131/2002 Coll.), full-time PhD students are required to take part in university teaching activities, up to an extent of four hours per week on average during the academic year. Part-time PhD students may compensate for teaching activities in form of other educational or professional activities related to educational work.

The PhD study at the Faculty in full-time study lasts not more than four academic years. Part-time PhD study lasts not more than five academic years.

A PhD student in the full-time form of study shall register for the dissertation examination within no later than 24 months from the beginning of the study (in the 4-year full-time study programme); a PhD student in part-time form of study within no later than three years from the beginning of the study (in the 5-year part-time study programme). The PhD student’s application for dissertation examination must be accompanied by a written thesis (dissertation project).

The final defence of the dissertation thesis takes place in front of a state examination committee consisting of at least 4 members. The dissertation thesis defence is public and consists of a scientific discussion on the topic of the dissertation thesis. The PhD candidate shall present his/her theoretical and practical knowledge to referees, members of the committee and other participants of the defence. Graduates of the PhD study are awarded the academic degree of a "doctor" ("philosophiae doctor", abbr. "PhD.") issued by the University.

Fees applicable to PhD studies and to the issuing of the diploma are regulated by the relevant provisions of Slovak law (Higher Education Act), of the Statute of the Comenius University, and of further internal regulations of the University.

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