Doctoral study

Current topics of doctoral works


Name of studentTopic of PhD.thesisSupervisorYear of doctoral work beginningStudy programme
PharmDr. Boris Dudík

Selection of potential therapeutically effective probiotic lactobacilli and a study of their interaction with eukaryotic cells

doc. Mgr. Andrea Bilková, PhD.2017/20187.3.2. pharmacology
PharmDr. Barbora Hans

Enzymes of signalling systems in relation to plant secondary metabolism

doc. PharmDr. Marek Obložinský, PhD.2015/20167.3.4. pharmacognosy
Mgr. Barbora HlubinováEffect of lactobacilli on the intestinal barrier model in vitrodoc. Mgr. Andrea Bilková, PhD.2019/20207.3.2. pharmacology
Mgr. Mária NovákováThe study of the lactobacilli influence on inflammation and lipid metabolismdoc. PharmDr. Marek Obložinský, PhD.2019/20207.3.2. pharmacology
Mgr. Simona RajčániováPhosphatidylinositol system and transcription factors in the context of plants secondary metabolismdoc. PharmDr. Marek Obložinský, PhD.2019/20207.3.4. pharmacognosy