Faculty of PharmacyComenius University in Bratislava

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology of Drugs

The primary Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Comenius University was founded in 1960 by Prof. Jindra, DrSc., who as the first, in the former Czechoslovak Republic, established within the Department a research school of xenobiochemistry. In 1979 prof. Kovács, DrSc. became the head of the Department and significantly expanded foreign co-operation in the area of enzymology of the biosynthesis of opium alkaloids in poppy seed plants. Prof. Pšenák, CSc. became the head of the Department in 1996 and the research under his leadership started to focus more closely on the molecular nature of regulatory processes in the cell. The section of Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene was founded within the Department by doc. Keleti and doc. Georch. In 1964 the team of professors was extended by prof. Mlynarčík DrSc. who became the head of the Department in 2003. The Department's research area was the study of membrane lipopolysaccharides of certain gramnegative bacteria. In 2006 prof. L. Bezáková, CSc. became the new head of the Department and expanded the knowledge of transduction processes. Her deputy doc. Bukovský, PhD largely accounted for the development of immunology at the Department.

The head of the current Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology of Drugs is doc. Pauliková, CSc. who has established a research school of biochemical and molecular biological characterization of cholinesterases under physiological and pathological conditions towards pharmacotherapeutical consequenses.

The Department currently provides teaching of 22 courses within Master and Bachelor Study Programmes conducted both in English and Slovak languages. Department also belongs to the most demanded department by ERASMUS students. It is a place of positive and constructive atmosphere and sound scientific competition.