Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was established on September 1, 1957. The objectives of education and research were focused on drugs and excipients of chemical origin. Since its beginning the Department has been providing teaching of Pharmaceutical Chemistry which is considered obligatory but primarily the profile subject of pharmaceutical study. Teaching of the subject in the 3rd year of the study is focused, after appropriate completion of theoretical drug design basis, on understanding of mechanisms of drug actions in particular pharmacotherapeutic groups, their biotransformation paths as well as stereochemistry aspects.

The second obligatory subject in Master Study Programme, lectured in the 4th year of the study, is Drug Analysis (previously known as Drug Control). The subject is aimed at theoretical and practical principles, methods and tests for the evaluation of drugs according to valid statutes and prescriptions (e.g. Slovak and European Pharmacopoeia).

The Department also provides lecturing of Basics of Chemistry of Materials II in the 2nd year of the study in Bachelor Study Programme. The subject in response to Basics of Chemistry of Materials I enriches the knowledge of students from the point of pharmaceutical and chemical aspects. In the 3rd year of Bachelor Study Programme the Department provides the Quality Assessment of Medical Instruments II. This course reflects requirements and legislative standards related to medical instruments.

From a number of obligatory elective courses in Master Study Programme the Department provides the course Molecular Basics of Drug Development which is aimed at modern methods and principles used in drug design.

The fundamental theme in the field of science and research at the Department was performed by phenylcarbamic acid derivatives and analogues study based on systematic modification of their chemical structures in the aromatic lipophilic part, in connecting chain as well as in basic hydrophilic fragment. The complex Quantitative Structure – Pharmacological Activity Relationship study resulted in the projection of new potential local anaesthetics.