Department of Physical Chemistry of Drugs

Department of Physical Chemistry of Drugs, founded on September 1, 1960, was originally entitled to provide education in Mathematics, Physics and Physical Chemistry as obligatory subjects in Master Study Programme 'Pharmacy'. Academic year 1990/91 branched out educational activities to obligatory elective subjects, and presently the Department offers: Biophysics, Biophysics of Voltage Dependent Membrane's Channels, Problem Solving in Physics, Problem Solving in Physical Chemistry and Applied Statistics for Pharmacists. In Bachelor Study Programme the Department provides Selected Chapters from Mathematics, Physics for Health Care and Basics of Applied Statistics.

The Department utilizes a wide range of experimental methods, together with theoretical computing methods, to study physical and chemical characteristics of drugs and model substances with the emphasis on: interaction of drugs, sterols and proteins with the model membrane in terms of molecular mechanisms of drug effects; interaction of DNA with supramolecular phospholipidic aggregates in terms of their utilization as transferring vectors of genetic material; molecular associates, micellization and partition equilibrium of drugs in terms of the explanation of drug effects and possibilities for preparation of suitable drug forms; and combinatorial chemistry as a method for receptor - drug system modelling and drug design.