Department of Chemical Theory of Drugs

The Department was constituted from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (the years 1948 – 1952) as a Chemistry Department. It provided teaching and education in a number of chemistry subjects in the field of pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University and has continued fulfilling this task in the field of pharmacy at the newly established Faculty of Pharmacy of Comenius University since 1952. Professor Ľudovít Krasnec, a distinguished personality and the first Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the former Slovak University, was the founder of the Department and became its head. In 1979 he was replaced by professor Juraj Krätsmár-Šmogrovič. In the period 1990 to 2017, professor Ferdinand Devínsky was the head of the Department. Martin Pisárčik is the acting Head of the Department.

Since its constitution the Department has been providing teaching and education courses in the subjects General and Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Currently both courses are provided within the Slovak and English programmes together with obligatory elective subjects Bioorganic Chemistry, Basics of Molecular Modelling, Selected Chapters from Inorganic Chemistry, Selected Chapters from Organic Chemistry. In Bachelor Study Programme the course Chemistry Materials Basics I is also provided by the Department.

Research activities of the Department are organized as a teamwork and result from the grant schemes received by the Department. Character of the research is interdisciplinary and reflects the needs of pharmaceutical use. The research is oriented on novel biologically active compounds, from their design, utilizing computer modelling up to the determination of physicochemical properties and structure-property relationships of the new compounds.


Management of Department

doc. Ing. Martin Pisárčik, CSc.

Head of Department

Phone: +421 2 501 17 329


doc. PharmDr. Miloš Lukáč, PhD.

Deputy Head of Department

Phone: +421 2 501 17 329


Mgr. Lucia Lintnerová, PhD.

Scientific Secretary

Phone: +421 501 17 326