The department utilises experimental and theoretical computing methods to study physical and chemical characteristics of drugs and model substances with the emphasis on:


·         clarification of the molecular mechanism of action of drugs (antivirals, sterols, peptides and proteins) interacting with the model membrane lipid bilayers of composition similar to cell membranes and pulmonary surfactants;

·         interactions of DNA with supramolecular phospholipid aggregates in terms of their utilisation as delivery vectors of genetic material;

·         generation of molecular associates, micellization and partition equilibria of drugs in terms of the explanation of drug effects and possibilities of preparing suitable drug formulations;

·         combinatorial chemistry as a method of drug design and molecular modelling of receptor drug interactions;

·         theoretical as well as experimental research focused on peptidomimetic molecules with antiviral properties possessing the ability to inhibit viral proteases of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.


Research is carried out within the framework of grant projects in collaboration with domestic and foreign scientific sites.