The scientific and research activities of the department are centred into three projects with grant preference:

  • Study of derivates and analogues of phenylcarbamic acid as potential drugs,
  • Synthesis, evaluation of physicochemical properties and structure-biological activity relationships of isatin derivatives,
  • Molecular modelling and study of new drugs characteristics,
  • Study of new drugs and substances characteristics in compliance with the European Union legislation.

This activity is realized through targeted projection, modelling, synthesis, analysis and study of physical and chemical characteristics of new local anaesthetics, beta-adrenolytics, antiarrhythmics, antituberculotics, free radicals suppressors, antineoplastics and disinfectants.

The main goal is the preparation, characterization and study of aggregation, physicochemical, thermodynamic and biological properties of isatin derivatives as suitable candidates for new drugs.

The main emphasis is put on the study of relations between chemical structure and biological activity with the utilisation of QSAR methods and molecular modelling. This research is supported by international grants as well.