The scientific and research activities of the department are focused on:

∴ Enzymes of the signal transduction processes and their regulative mechanisms in relation to the biosynthesis of therapeutically active compounds in plants.

on the topic works/provides information: doc. PharmDr. Marek Obložinský, PhD.; oblozinsky(at)


∴ Testing of potential antioxidant active compounds with the utilization of model enzymes. Study of the structure of the enzymes active sites in the view of clarifying the inhibition mechanisms by new molecules of potentially therapeutically active compounds in the inflammation process.

on the topic works/provides information: doc. PharmDr. Marek Obložinský, PhD.; oblozinsky(at)


∴ Interaction of the biocide effects of newly prepared compounds with microorganisms cells. Immunomodulatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of microorganisms, natural and synthetic compounds after their action on healthy blood cells and after the stress load.

on the topic works/provides information: doc. Mgr. Martina Hrčka Dubničková, PhD.; dubnickova(at)


∴ Biological and genetic characterization of potentially probiotic microorganisms. Selection of new probiotic microorganisms for use in human and/or veterinary practice. Characterization of the biochemical and molecular biological properties, the study of the antimicrobial activity and the determination of immunomodulatory potential.

on the topic works/provides information: doc. Mgr. Andrea Bilková, PhD.; bilkova(at)


Cooperation of the department with other institutions:

The department actively collaborates with workplaces in Germany (Institute for Biochemistry/Biotechnology, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle/Saale) and in Russia (Radiobiological Laboratory, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna). This year we start collaborating with university workplaces in Slovenia and in the Czech Republic.


The established research areas are part of the grant projects to those students are actively involved within their diploma thesis, rigorous works, and dissertations. Positive is the fact that all teachers of the Department are members of research teams and their latest knowledge and experience of scientific work is flipped into the teaching activities, thereby Department has become a desirable and interesting for the students.