Grant projects

Current grant projects


Grant numberGrant titleResponsible researcherDuration of grant
VEGA 1/0429/21
<output>VEGA 1/0429/21</output>
Study of modulation mechanisms of inflammation and lipid metabolism by lactobacilli in the model of nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseIng. Ľudmila Pašková, PhD.2021-2024


Completed grant projects


Grant numberGrant titleResponsible researcherDuration of grant
VEGA 1/0394/18 

Phosphatidylinositol system and transcription factors in the context of secondary metabolism 

doc. PharmDr. Marek Obložinský, PhD.2018-2021
KEGA 064UK-4/2018Innovation of Immunology and Microbiology Practical Classes and Elaboration of Textbookdoc. Mgr. Andrea Bilková, PhD.2018-2020
APVV 0484-12

Structural design, synthesis and evaluation of selective inhibitors of the family glycoside hydrolases 38

Mgr. Ivana Holková, PhD. (za FaF UK)2013-2017
VEGA 1/0392/14Phospholipase A2 - neglected enzyme of plant signalling pathwaysdoc. PharmDr. Marek Obložinský, PhD.2014-2017
VEGA 1/0089/10

Lipoxygenase - their expression and effect of potentially therapeutic active antioxidants

doc. RNDr. Lýdia Bezáková, CSc.


VEGA 1/4290/07Effect of microorganisms and their components on immune mechanisms in mammalsdoc. Mgr. Martina Hrčka Dubničková, PhD.2007-2009
VEGA 1/4294/07

Lipoxygenase in relation to signal transduction process in plant cells

doc. RNDr. Lýdia Bezáková, CSc.2006-2008
KEGA 055UK-4/2011

Preparation of the textbook on microbiology and transformation of theoretical education and practical training in microbiology for pharmacy students

prof. RNDr. Dušan Mlynarčík, DrSc.2011-2013

KEGA 3/5154/07

Modernization of study plans and elaboration of textbook for subjects "Molecular biology of drug effects" and "Biotechnology" for pharmacy studentsdoc. PharmDr. Marek Obložinský, PhD.2007-2009