The experimental scientific research of the Department of pharmacology and toxicology focuses on pharmacological mechanisms influencing, in particular, the cardiovascular system, endocrine systems, uropoetical and nerve systems. Scientific teams of the department deal with: 

  • analysis of drug effects on the cardiovascular system,
  • analysis of selected gene expression in experimental models of cardiovascular diseases and the effect of drugs on gene expression,
  • analysis of cardioactive drugs on the differentiation of cardiac cells in different animal species,
  • study of toxicological aspects of drugs,
  • study of factors influencing the metabolic activity of the heart, kidneys, adipose tissue,
  • observation of the effect of known and newly synthesized drugs on the function of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, influencing gene expression in different experimental animal models of cardiovascular diseases including arterial hypertension, ischemia-reperfusion myocardial injury, hypercholesterolemia, heart failure
  • molecular targets of pharmacotherapy of neurological diseases,
  • study of drug effects on the metabolism of target organs in experimental models of diabetes mellitus and glucose intolerance,
  • study of factors influencing rejection of kidney transplants.


In the area of clinical pharmacy, the research of the department is oriented to: 

  • analysis of pharmacotherapy of risk groups of patients, in particular children and elderly,
  • problems of pharmacotherapy of rare diseases,
  • identification and solving of pharmacotherapeutical problems in clinical practice.



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