Preparation of the language certification and accreditation in the UNIcert® system

UNIcert® is a training, examination and certification system specficially designed for higher education institutions which was founded in 1992 in Germany as European language certification under the aegis of the German Association of University Language Centres - AKS (Arbeitskreis der Sprachenzentren, Sprachlehrinstitute und Fremdspracheninstitute).

The department of languages of the Faculty of Pharmacy

has been accredited for teaching the following language programs:

The English language for pharmacists and

The German language for pharmacists 

in the international system UNIcert®.

About the UNIcert® system

UNIcert® is a system of teaching and certification in foreign languages which is currently used among 53 European universities. Since the inception of UNIcert® in 1992 more than 100,000 certificates have been issued in 29 languages. Unlike other certificates, UNIcert® is an open educational system targeted at university students of non-linguistic studies. Its main mission is to provide a comprehensive and transparent system of language training and takes into account specific university conditions, objectives and needs characteristic for students of diverse higher education institutions.

The level of UNIcert® certification is determined by the level of language proficiency:

B1 (UNIcert® I),

B2 (UNIcert® II),

C1 (UNIcert® III)

C2 (UNIcert® IV),

which is defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching .

After successful completion of the program in the UNIcert® system graduates receive an internationally recognized certificate which only the universities that are accredited and authorized can issue. In Slovakia, such authorization is granted by the Institute for Accreditation of language teaching at universities in Central Europe called UnicertLUCE.


Information about UNIcert® in English:


Information about UNIcert® in German:



The importance of the certification system UNIcert®

1. A training and certification system comprising at least 120 teaching units is a complex professional language preparation within the studied field and is guaranteed by an international institution with wide recognition among a selection of European higher education institutions and universities as well as international employers.

2. Professional language preparation not only allows students to improve their knowledge of a foreign language, but also they can gain an international language certificate at the upper-intermediate or advanced level (B2 or C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

3. Certificates UNIcert® II and III are recognized as a proof of professional language competence for mobility purposes at foreign universities and a student placement in an international environment.

4. Certificates UNIcert® are a trusted proof of professional language knowledge at advanced level for prospective employers awarded within the international certification system of European universities.

5. While attending the preparatory courses for professional language certificate, students can enhance all language competences and at the same time they can train different skills needed for other international exams e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, CAE.