The Department of Physical Education and Sport

The Department of Physical Education and Sport, Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, provides students with full-fledged opportunities for sports. Teaching takes place according to the focus of the activity in a large hall, a small hall (Kalinčiakova) and a fitness gym. We have modern sports equipment. The quality of teaching and the effectiveness of the exercise, resp. the activities are the responsibility of the members of the department, who are continuously educated and informed about the latest knowledge in the field of physical education and sports.

Syllabi and their information sheets can be found in the section under each subject. During the academic year, we also organize several events and sports events for students as well as faculty staff.

The college is full of new concepts and systems, don't be afraid of complexity at first glance. Carefully study the rules of course assignment so that you do not just complete the right module in this semester.

We are looking forward to the new academic year 2021/2022!



English study program

The first category is compulsory module. These are all subjects that every student, without exception in a given study program and field, must complete in order to achieve a certain number of credits and thus pass individual years, or successfully complete their studies. There is no other way. They are selected by the faculty and the department itself. They cannot be omitted or confused with others.

Surely you also know the category of elective module. Logically, it includes items that you just have to choose, they are always in a certain amount and for a certain number of credits. They also supplement the total number of credits and you have to register for them in time at the beginning of the semester, "places" are usually limited. It all depends on the specifics of the school, field of study and year. However, certain conditions must also be met for such a subject and successfully completed.

Optional module - Students may choose and enroll in these courses to supplement their credits or to learn or learn something extra for interest. If he does not pass it successfully, he can enroll again or choose another. Since this category is fully optional, the student does not have to choose any.