S or R that is the question: A tale of chiral drugs

Prednáška assoc. prof. Gabriela Hancu, Ph.D.

04. 11. 2022 11.52 hod.


Prednáška sa bude konať 7. novembra 2022 o 13.00 hod v Multimediálnej miestnosti FaF UK. 

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Chirality is a property of asymmetry which governs our world. Currently, approximately 50% of the drugs used in modern therapy are chiral, however, only 25% of them are used in therapy as pure enantiomers. The stereochemistry of pharmaceuticals is one of the essential dimensions in pharmacology as it dictates how enantiomers interact with certain biological systems. It is demonstrated that in general, the desired pharmaceutical effect is related to only one enantiomer called eutomer, while the other called distomer is usually less active than the eutomer but sometimes can be even responsible for the adverse effects of the racemate. Taking into consideration these aspects, and the policy adopted by the regulatory authorities, pure enantiomers became the "golden standard" in the pharmaceutical industry in the last 25 years. The presentation is an overview of chiral drugs from a historical, chemical, and pharmaceutical point of view.