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  • Dobišová, A., Vavrinec, P., Vavrincová-Yaghi, D., Gebhardtová, A., Henning, R., Yaghi, A.: Case report: Enhanced diazepam elimination with the molecular adsorbents recirculating system (MARS) in severe autointoxication: a survival case report. Frontiers in Medicine 8, art. no. 633250 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 3.900, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Čepcová, D., Kema, I., Sandovici, M., Deelman, L., Šišková, K., Klimas, J., Vavrinec, P., Vavrincová-Yaghi, D.:  The protective effect of 1-methyltryptophan isomers in renal ischemia-reperfusion injury is not exclusively dependent on indolamine 2,3-dioxygenase inhibition.  Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 135, art. no. 111180 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 4.545, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Mišúth, S., Púchovská, M., Klimas, J., Vavrincová-Yaghi, D., Vavrinec, P.: Vildagliptin improves vascular smooth muscle relaxation and decreases cellular senescence in the aorta of doxorubicin-treated rats. Vascular Pharmacology 138, art. no. 106855 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 4.152, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Klacsová, M., Bóta, A., Westh, P., Funari, S., Uhríková, D., Balgavý, P.: Thermodynamic and structural study of DMPC-alkanol systems. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23(14), 8598-8606 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 3.676, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Bodnár Mikulová, M., Mikuš, P.: Advances in development of radiometal labeled amino acid-based compounds for cancer imaging and diagnostics. Pharmaceuticals 14(2), art. no. 167 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 4.286, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Piešťanský, J., Matušková, M., Čižmárová, I., Majerová, P., Kováč, A., Mikuš, P.:  Ultrasensitive determination of serotonin in human urine by a two-dimensional capillary isotachophoresis-capillary zone electrophoresis hyphenated with tandem mass spectrometry. Journal of Chromatography A 1648, art. no. 462190 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 4.759, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Špaglová, M., Čuchorová, M., Čierna, M., Poništ, S., Bauerová, K.: Microemulsions as solubilizers and penetration enhancers for minoxidil release from gels. Gels 7(1), art. no. 26 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 4.702, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Antonín, V., Ševčíková, H., Para, R., Ďuriška, O., Kudláček, T., Tomšovský, M.: Melanoleuca galbuserae, M. fontenlae and M. acystidiata - Three new species in subgenus Urticocystis (Pluteaceae, Basidiomycota) with comments on M. castaneofusca and related species. Journal of Fungi 7(3), art. no. 191 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.816, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Barkociová, M., Tóth, J., Sutor, K., Drobnicka, N., Wybraniec, S., Dudík, B., Bilková, A., Czigle, S.: Betalains in edible fruits of three Cactaceae taxa Epiphyllum, Hylocereus, and Opuntia. Their LC-MS/MS and FTIR identification and biological activities evaluation.  Plants-Basel 10(12), art. no. 2669 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 3.935, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Barteková, M., Duriš Adameová, A., Gorbe, A., Ferenczyová, K., Pecháňová, O., Lazou, A.,  Dhalla, N. S., Ferdinandy, P., Giricz, Z.: Natural and synthetic antioxidants targeting cardiac oxidative stress and redox signaling in cardiometabolic diseases. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 169, 446-477 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 7.376, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Bittner Fialová, S., Rendeková, K., Mučaji, P., Nagy, M., Slobodníková, L.: Antibacterial activity of medicinal plants and their constituents in the context of skin and wound infections, considering European legislation and folk medicine - A review. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(19), art. no. 10746 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.924, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Bodnár Mikulová, M., Kružlicová, D., Pecher, D., Petreni, A., Supuran, C. T. Mikuš, P.: Synthesis and inhibition activity study of triazinyl-substituted amino(alkyl)-benzenesulfonamide conjugates with polar and hydrophobic amino acids as inhibitors of human carbonic anhydrases I, II, IV, IX, and XII. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(20), art. no. 11283 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.924, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Dušeková, A., Garajová, M., Lukáč, M., Mrva, M.: Derivatisation of metronidazole enhances cytotoxic effect against Acanthamoeba genotype T4 isolates and leads to cytomorphological changes in trophozoites. Acta Tropica 216, art. no. 105830 (2021).

(IFJCR,2019 2.555, Q1JCR,2019)


  • Havlíková, J., May, R. C., Styles, I. B., Cooper, H. J.: Liquid extraction surface analysis mass spectrometry of ESKAPE pathogens. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 32(6), 1345-1351 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 3.109, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Horváth, C., Young, M., Jarabicová, I., Kindernay, L., Ferenczyová, K., Ravingerová, T., Lewis, M., Suleiman, M. S., Duriš Adameová, A.: Inhibition of cardiac RIP3 mitigates early reperfusion injury and calcium-induced mitochondrial swelling without altering necroptotic signalling. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(15), art. no. 7983 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.924, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Javorová-Rihová, Z., Slobodová, Ľ., Paul Hrabovská, A.: Micafungin is an efficient treatment of multi drug-resistant Candida glabrata urosepsis: A case report. Journal of Fungi 7(10),  art. no. 800 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.816, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Kasak, P., Hrobárik, P., Osička, J., Soláriková, D., Horváth, B., Tkač, J., Sadasivuni, K. K., AlMaadeed, M., Mikláš, R.: Nicotinamide-based supergelator self-assembling via asymmetric hydrogen bonding NH…OC and H…Br- pattern for reusable, moldable and self-healable nontoxic fuel gels. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 603, 182-190 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 8.128, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Mikušová, V., Mikuš, P.: Advances in chitosan-based nanoparticles for drug delivery.  International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(17), art. no. 9652 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.924, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Neumann, J., Grobe, J. M., Weisgut, J., Schwelberger, H. G., Fogel, Wieslawa A., Marušáková, M., Wache, H., Baehe, H., Buchwalow, I. B., Dhein, S., Hofmann, B., Kirchhefer, U., Gergs, U.: Histamine can be formed and degraded in the human and mouse heart. Frontiers in Pharmacology 12, art. no. 582916 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.811, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Piešťanský, J., Čižmárová, I., Štefánik, O., Matušková, M., Horniaková, A., Majerová, P., Mikuš, P.: Capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry with multisegment injection and in-capillary preconcentration for high-throughput and sensitive determination of therapeutic decapeptide triptorelin in pharmaceutical and biological matrices. Biomedicines 9(10), art. no. 1488 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 6.081, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Piešťanský, J.,  Matušková, M., Čižmárová, I.,  Olešová, D., Mikuš, P.: Determination of branched-chain amino acids in food supplements and human plasma by a CE-MS/MS method with enhanced resolution. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(15), art. no. 8261 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.924, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Pisárčik, M., Lukáč, M., Jampílek, J., Bilka, F., Bilková, A., Pašková, Ľ., Devínsky, F. Horáková, R., Březina, M., Opravil, T.: Silver nanoparticles stabilized with phosphorus-containing heterocyclic surfactants: synthesis, physico-chemical properties, and biological activity determination. Nanomaterials 11(8), art. no. 1883 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.076, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Rajtík, T., Galis, P. Bartošová, L., Paulis, Ľ., Goncalvesová, E., Klimas, J.: Alternative RAS in various hypoxic conditions: From myocardial infarction to COVID-19. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(23), art. no. 12800 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.924, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Targošová, K., Kučera, M., Kiliánová, Z., Slobodová, Ľ., Szmicseková, K., Paul Hrabovská, A.: Cardiac nicotinic receptors show beta-subunit-dependent compensatory changes. American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology 320(5), H1975-H1984 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 4.733, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Tesař, T., Goliáš, P., Masaryková, L., Kawalec, P., Inotai, A.: The impact of reimbursement practices on the pharmaceutical market for off-patent medicines in Slovakia. Frontiers in Pharmacology 12, art. no 795002 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.811, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Wawruch, M., Murín, J., Tesař, T., Paduchová, M., Petrová, M., Čelovská, D., Matalová, P., Havelková, B., Trnka, M., Aarnio, E.: Adherence to antiplatelet medications among persistent and non-persistent older patients with peripheral arterial disease. Biomedicines 9(12), art. no. 1800. (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 6.081, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Wawruch, M., Murín, J., Tesař, T., Paduchová, M., Petrová, M., Čelovská, D., Havelková, B., Trnka, M., Aarnio, E.: Non-persistence with antiplatelet medications among older patients with peripheral arterial disease. Frontiers in Pharmacology 12, art. no. 687549. (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 5.811, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Wawruch, M., Murín, J., Tesař, T., Paduchová, M., Petrová, M., Čelovská, D., Havelková, B., Trnka, M., Aarnio, E.: Reinitiation and subsequent discontinuation of antiplatelet treatment in nonpersistent older patients with peripheral arterial disease. Biomedicines 9(9), art. no. 1280. (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 6.081, Q1JCR,2020)


  • ESAC-Net study group - Hogberg, L. D., Vlahovic-Palčevski, V., Pereira, C., Weist, K., Monnet, D., Tesař, T.: Decrease in community antibioticconsumption during the COVID-19 pandemic, EU/EEA, 2020. Eurosurveillance 26(46), 1-5 (2021).

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  • Ferenczyová, K., Kindernay, L., Vlkovičová, J., Kaločayová, B., Rajtík, T., Barteková, M.: Pharmacology of catechins inischemia-reperfusion injury of the heart. Antioxidants 10(9), art. no. 1390 (2021).

(IFJCR,2020 6.313, Q1JCR,2020)


  • Bodnár Mikulová, M., Kružlicová, D., Pecher, D., Supuran, C. T., Mikuš, P.: Synthetic strategies and computational inhibition activity study for triazinyl-substituted benzenesulfonamide conjugates with polar and hydrophobic amino acids as inhibitors of carbonic anhydrases. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(10), art. no. 3661 (2020).
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  • Duriš Adameová, A., Shah, A., Dhalla, N.: Role of oxidative stress in the genesis of ventricular arrhythmias. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21(12), art. no. 4200 (2020).
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  • Gančár, M., Kurin, E., Bednáriková, Z., Marek, J., Mučaji, P., Nagy, M., Gažová, Z.: Amyloid aggregation of insulin: An interaction study of green tea constituents. Scientific Reports 10(1), 244-255 (2020).
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  • Pisárčik, M., Lukáč, M., Jampílek, J., Bilka, F., Bilková, A., Pašková, Ľ., Devínsky, F., Horáková, R., Opravil, T.: Phosphonium surfactant stabilised silver nanoparticles. Correlation of surfactant structure with physical properties and biological activity of silver nanoparticles.  Journal of Molecular Liquids 314, art. no. 113683 (2020).
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